ZULU Customs


List of Zulu Kings

Courtesy to one another

Zulu Regiments

Their games and education

Customs of the dead

Zulu sports and games


Trials and courts


Their association with the early Jews

The "Circle "

The Zulu’s and Ethiopians

The Rainbow

The Snake God

Astronomy and Seasons

We are of the reed


The Kings “Mass”


Ceremonies of the Feasts

Extract of a sinew from a living beast

Wormwood and gall

Zulu we apons

The great assembling

Sports and games

Purifying by water

Dances and songs


Toilet and fashion

Musical instruments

Parents and children

Roman Gladiators??

The Child and it’s name

Witches and Spirits

The youth and it’s weapons

Smelling out

The development of the Zulu girl


The Zulu girl

Methods of warfare

Love and the Zulu

Native Heliographing

The duties of man and woman

Mourning for the dead warrior

The native wedding

The Kings regalia

Ilobolo “Marriage consideration”

Birds, beasts, reptiles and insects

An ordinary Zulu Kraal

  Zulu Warfare